Pure Digital Makes One-Click-Upload Digital Camcorder, Pleases The Elderly

pure digital

By David PonceIt seems that for some people, even the drop-dead easy YouTube video uploading process is a little too strenuous on their thinking membranes. (I’m thinking Grandmas though, well, anyone could be similarly impaired I imagine) And while I’m unable to find confirmation on their website, it seems company PureDigital is aiming to take the (imaginary) pains out of online video sharing (while riding the YouTube hysteria) by selling basic point-and-shoot digital camcorders with one-click upload to your video sharing site of choice: simply connect the camera to your PC, press a button, and the video gets uploaded directly from the device. Presumably, you’ll have to go through an initial setup process (for login info and such, which is likely to involve Grandson) but after that initial setup, you’ll be able to watch thrilling videos of wicker baskets being knit any time of day or night, which Grandma uploaded all on her own.

There are two models of the cameras, which hold either 30 or 60 minutes of videos. The player works on two AA batteries, has an LCD screen for immediate playback and while the quality may not be stellar, it is reported to be sufficient for home movies. It’s $130 and available at Target, though the one-click upload models may not yet have arrived. We hear they’re on their way.

[Pure Digital’s oint-And-Shoot] VIA [FarEastGizmos]