Puma Disc Blaze Tetris Sneakers – I Think I’ll Pass

Puma Disc Blaze With Tetris Prints (Images courtesy KicksOnFire)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m all for incorporating retro trends into a pair of sneakers, but I’m afraid these Tetris print Pumas just don’t do it for me. The shoes are custom variations of the Disc Blaze model which first came out in 1994 and besides the Tetris pattern print, they also feature some early ’90s color schemes. Remember when we couldn’t get enough neon? Yeah, I’ve forced myself to forget those times too. The ‘disc’ in Disc Blaze refers to the large dial on top of the tongue which is used to tighten the shoes instead of traditional laces. The system has since been copied by other shoe manufacturers with relative levels of success, so I’m wondering if Puma is hoping the Disc Blaze shoes will become more popular this time around.

Like a lot of cool stuff the shoes were first available in Japan, but should be hitting the US in the coming weeks. Not surprisingly you won’t be able to find them at your local Foot Locker since they’re only being released to selected Puma ’boutiques’.

[ Puma Disc Blaze 1990s Tetris Pack ] VIA [ Albotas ]

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