Pulse Lamp Syncs with your Heartbeat

This is a funky looking lamp from designer Matty Salin and it comes with a rather interesting functionality. If you place your hands on either side of the lamp base and wait 6~10 seconds, it will detect your heartbeat and start throbbing in sync.

The idea is to amplify a usually inconspicuous biological function, and give the user a biofeedback handle with which to control it.

The light is hypnotic, and after a while you can actually watch your pulse slow down by concentrating and relaxing.

No word on price, or even if it’s for sale, but you can check out the website here. Story VIA Sensory Impact.

1 thought on “Pulse Lamp Syncs with your Heartbeat”

  1. Can see the cheeseball movie, where guy visits dates house where she owns one of these. He sits down on the couch and unwaringly rests hand on lamp. He can see her in kitchen bending over into fridge, and realises that the outfit is only the dress. She walks back into lounge and lamp is pulsating like a disco strobe light.

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