Pulse Barryvox Avalanche Transceiver Greatly Increases Your Chances Of Survival

Pulse Barryvox Avalanche Transceiver (Images courtesy Popular Science and Mammut)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re depressed at the thought of the warmer weather ahead you might want to consider taking up mountain climbing. Places like Everest have snow and sub-zero temperatures all year long plus a whole list of other conditions that could end up killing you. To avoid that nasty outcome you might also want to consider investing in one of these rescue devices from Mammut.

The Pulse Barryvox Avalanche Transceiver is a small, PDA-sized device that you basically keep strapped to your person at all times because it serves two very important functions. The first is to act as a signal beacon in the event you’re caught in an avalanche. This of course helps rescuers quickly locate and dig you out greatly increasing your chances of surviving. The device also uses a sensitive accelerometer to measure your breathing. These measurements are used to calculate your ‘health status’ which is radioed to the rescuers so they have an idea of your condition before they get to you.

The Pulse Barryvox can also be switched to a ‘search’ mode and used to locate a fellow climber who’s been caught in an avalanche. It uses a simple LCD screen that indicates both the direction and distance to the climber and can even track multiple persons at the same time. While the screen might look pretty basic it’s also visible at all angles and in direct sunlight which is pretty important in a life or death situation.

At about $400 the Pulse Barryvox isn’t cheap but if it could help save your life it’s probably worth every penny.

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