Pug Mask: It’s a Pug Life

Pug Mask1

It’s a hard knock life for pugs–or isn’t it? They’re oddly adorable with their squished-looking faces and it’s hard to take them seriously because¬†they make¬†these goofy yet endearing expressions all the time. If you’re bored or in the mood to freak someone out, or if you just feel like channeling your inner pug (if there is such a thing), then you need this Pug Mask.

It’s furry, it’s funny, and it lets you wear a pug on your mug.


Pug Mask

You’ll look like a pug who’s in eternal shock when you’ve got this on, but at least no one’ll know it’s you. Unless you bark, er, tell them so, that is.

The Pug Mask is available online for $75.

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