Provocative Bench Designs

It’s just two benches with rather unique designs. They don’t transform into hovercrafts or communicate with your PDA.

They’re just cool looking benches.

Like the ones people sit on. You know the ones.

The first one is called, rather uninspiredly, “The Cross”. The second one, well, that one’s called “S(h)it on it”. They’re both very old creations, dating back to 1994 and both came from Richard Hutten, who calls them “exercises in ‘symbolic seating’ “. He made them for Droog Design.

You’ll have to forgive the oldness of these. I just wanted y’all to see’em. Story VIA Conspicuous Consumption.

1 thought on “Provocative Bench Designs”

  1. is the 2nd photo reversed? with a title like ‘S(h)it on it’ – you’d think maybe he was trying to be a daring controversial artist striking a blow against fascism — but in that case, why use a peaceful buddhist swastika (left orientated) and not a nazi swastika (right orientated)?

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