Protect Your iPod With iCage

Protect Your iPod With iCage

By Jonathan Kimak

If you have kids or even just younger siblings you have probably had your iPod “misplaced” at one time or another and have magically found it in their room(best case scenario). Now you can protect your iPod from thieves and relatives with Master Lock’s iCage.

The iCage looks and acts a lot like a bike lock. It has a flexible security cable that can wrap around many different objects and a lock box that uses a 3-digit security code. It also comes with shrink wraps that can protect the screen from scratches.

The nano version sells for $14.99 and the iPod Classic version sells for $24.74. All the ports and controls remain accessible while in the iCage, so you can keep it locked and still use it. Of course this also means that someone else could still use your iPod wherever you lock it, they’d just be easier to catch and give a good atomic wedgie to.

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