Protect 486 Scooter Armor (Images courtesy Marc Graells Ballve)

Protect 486 Scooter Armor

Protect 486 Scooter Armor (Images courtesy Marc Graells Ballve)
By Andrew Liszewski

Designer Marc Graells Ballve claims this anti-theft armor he designed for scooters called ‘Protect 486’ was actually inspired by mother nature, particularly the armor worn by armadillos. But anyone who saw Tim Burton’s original Batman film will find a striking resemblance between the Protect 486 system, and the armor deployed by the Batmobile while Batman was out cleaning up the streets of Gotham. I’m not accusing him of ripping it off or anything, I’m just saying. And while it looks like a half-decent idea for protecting your ride from vandals, theft and even rain, I have to wonder what effect the extra weight and drag would have on the scooter’s gas mileage.

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6 thoughts on “Protect 486 Scooter Armor”

  1. Anti-theft?  What’s the theory here?  Make it so ugly no one will want it?  The scooter underneath is already a plastic chinese disposable ripoff.  That’s seems pretty anti-theft by itself.

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