Promash, For Brewing Your Own Beer

By David Ponce

I’ve never considered brewing my own beer. The thought of it alone invokes images of bursting beakers and malted mayhem. Of course, it’s not that complicated, I’m just that much of a klutz. The process just got a little easier with this little piece of software from The Sausalito Brewing Co. It’s called the Promash.

It lets you determine just what will happen should you mix this and that, and boil it at such and such a temperature, with this other yeast and stuff. Really great, whether you’re an amateur, or a professional micro-brewer. This thing’s replete with features, and for $25 seems like a bargain, if only to ensure that the beer you brew will not want to see the light of day again in a few hours.

Go in for a feature list.

Recipe Formulation

Brewing Session Recording
Hop Time Degradation
Hop IBU Calculators
Water Profiler
Water Needed Calculator
Mash Designer
Infusion & Decoction Mashing
Carbonation Calculator
Hydrometer Calculator
4 Hop IBU Formulas
Alcohol Calculator
Batch Size/Ingredient Locking
3 SRM Color Formulas
Efficiency/Ingredient Locking
Beer Color Swatches
Inventory Control and Analysis
American and Metric Measure
Boil Off Calculator
Dilution Calculator
Full Refractometer Support
Extensive Efficiency Analysis
Completely Customizable
Home Scale & Pro Scale modes.
Full AHA Style Guidelines
Full BJCP Style Guidelines
Text & Graphics Printouts
Competition Form Printouts
HTML/web-page Exporting
Text File Exporting
JPG Exporting of Mash & Water Profile Charts
Clipboard Exporting
All Databases Open for Modification
Much, Much More!

Check it out, again, right here. Story VIA Cool Tools.

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