Private Rocker Chair Is Supposed To Give You Privacy, Isolates You In The Process

By David Ponce

We live in a time where genuine human-to-human interaction is a dwindling activity. It still happens a lot, but just think about the amount of time you spend interacting with a digital device as opposed to an analog human. We shouldn’t complain of course, since we make a living out of documenting this particular trend. And we really want to like the Private Rocker, designed by Cranbrook Academy of Art student Kyle Fleet in collaboration with Herman Miller. It’s pretty, it’s made from wood, leather, and wool and will provide the person sitting in it with a quiet and relatively private space. And we can imagine situations where its presence could be genuinely needed in order to provide a haven to the human-interaction weary, like in a open office. But we just can’t shake the feeling that any kid of device that facilitates even more isolation isn’t really needed at the moment.

We realize we’re on the losing end of this argument. Privacy is still paramount. Our misgivings are probably just due to being your usual Internet forever alone types.

There’s no word on price or availability.

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  1. It’s just a not so pretty wing chair.  Throughout furniture history there have been deep wing chairs set near to the fireplace with wings  to keep the heat in.  Inset speakers are nice though…..

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