PrinterAnywhere – The Name Says It All

PrinterAnywhere (Image courtesy Printer Anywhere Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

Well here’s a simple yet impressive piece of software. PrinterAnywhere allows you to print a document on other people’s printers anywhere in the world as easily as it is on a locally connected one. The only real requirement is that the other printer has to be connected to a system that’s online.

Sharing a printer takes less than a minute to do and you don’t need to know the first thing about network sharing, complicated settings or any kind of access rights either. As long as you’re able to use your connected printer anyone else online can be allowed to as well.

I originally thought this was more of a neat trick than a useful app but it turns out there are a lot of good reasons to have this functionality. For example it’s far cheaper than a fax and results in a perfect copy of the original document. Other times you may want to provide printed copies of a document to someone but do not want to forward the original files for fear of them being altered. And of course there’s always mom or dad who have no clue on how to use that fancy new inkjet they bought but want to print out photos of the grandkids.

Best of all PrinterAnywhere is a free download available right now with absolutely no service charges of any kind.

[PrinterAnywhere] VIA [The Red Ferret Journal]

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