Pretec Announces Bigger, Faster Memory Cards

Pretec Memory Cards (Images courtesy Pretec)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even though it may not be a good thing, the megapixel arms race isn’t going to end anytime soon. So thankfully companies like Pretec have us covered when it comes to transferring and storing those massive RAW files in our cameras. Today the company unveiled their new 32GB SDXC memory cards, as well as a 666X version of their 100GB compact flash cards which can reach speeds of up to 100MB/s. Now unfortunately the new SDXC cards aren’t compatible with SDHC, since they use the exFAT file system instead of FAT32. So the cards simply won’t work in your digital camera at the moment. But with future SDXC capacities expected to eventually reach 2TB, there’s no question the new format will become the standard in prosumer digital cameras.

And not surprisingly, there’s currently no pricing info available for either card.

[ Pretec 32GB SDXC & 666X CF Cards ] VIA [ SlashGear ]