Presslite VerteX Makes Flash Suck Less

By Evan Ackerman

Most of the time, flash totally blows. Even if you’ve got an expensive off-camera flash system, there’s just no way to get high-powered directed fake lighting to look anywhere near as good as natural ambient lighting. Presslite’s VerteX “light modifier” attaches to the head of your off-camera flash, and features two twisty surfaces that you can flip around (with one hand) to redirect some or all of your flash. One side of the panels has a specular surface for direct light, and the other side has a diffuser surface. Combine the surfaces and the twistyness to bounce your flash where you want it to get your ideal lighting. Looks like fun, and it’s only 35 bucks for a limited time.

[ Presslite Vertex ] VIA [ DVICE ]

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