Prehistoric Cycling: Homemade Raptor Three-Wheeler

Prehistoric Cycling: Homemade Raptor Three-Wheeler

Raptor Bicycle

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but they will live on forever in the imaginations of folks like you, me, and¬†Norwegian artist Markus Moestue. His latest creation is this raptor three-wheel bike¬†that makes it look like the cyclist is riding on the raptor. It’s bulkier than the average bike, that’s for sure, but its awesomeness more than makes up for it.

To support the extra weight, Markus added another wheel on the front, because dinosaur’s are anything but light, you know. Even fake ones. Check out more shots of the raptor bike after the break.

Raptor Bicycle1

Raptor Bicycle2

Raptor Bicycle3

VIA [ Geekologie ]