Precious Famine Table

By Evan Ackerman

Precious Famine Table

Designed by Toni Grilo for an exhibition in Paris, the Precious Famine coffee table is made entirely of kitchen utensils. It’s kinda cool looking, but I don’t think the artist would appreciate gradual dis-assembly of his piece every time you drop a piece of silverware and are too lazy to get up to find a replacement, so it’s usefulness may be limited. Furthermore, the table doesn’t look as though it would be very knife to sit on… In fact I bet it would be pretty forking uncomfortable.

Um, spoon.

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  1. Thanks for including a link to my site! Much appreciated. Keep up the great work. This is one unusual piece of furniture. The designer even contacted me after he saw my post. He left a bit of a cryptic message on my blog, but it’s cute.

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