POWRAMID: Pyramid Power

Pyramid Power

By Evan Ackerman

I think we can all agree that the boring, beige, linear power strip is (or should be) a relic from the past. Most gadgets now ship with giant power adapters that take up at least two (if not three) sockets a piece on a conventional power strip. Kreative Power’s POWRAMID (ooo, clever!) is a pyramidal (or, according to the press release, “conical”) surge protector which can accommodate up to six bulky plugs without infringing on any of the other sockets. The on/off button is on top, which is kinda cool, and it’s got an LED in it, which is worth major points. It may not be as awesome as one of these, but don’t forget, you’re getting all sorts of fringe benefits due to the shape… Everybody knows that pyramids act as “an effective resonator of randomly polarized microwave signals which can be converted into electrical energy.”

Pricing and distribution info should be available next week.

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