PowerSquid, Stylish 5 Outlet Power Multiplier

Ok, maybe stylish is a little strong. I mean, I was never into the Tonka yellow and black theme, but at least this little item looks a whole lot better than the PowerStrip Liberator that was recently featured all over.

It’s a simple 15$ device from company Power Sentry that lets you plug up to 5 bulky grounded transformers into one grounded wall socket. It is, as the June 2005 issue of Popular Science points out, “a power strip [liberator] minus the strip.”

You can go look at the product page here though it doesn’t look like you might actually be able to buy it there. The company’s press release makes mention of “a network of nationwide retailers.” So, um, go to Home Depot. It might already be there.

Story VIA eHomeUpgrade.

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