PowerPot Charges Your Gadgets While Your Stuff Is Cooking

By David Ponce

You might argue that going out into the wild and being outdoorsy involves leaving your electronics behind. You know, get away from it all and all that. But lets face it, that won’t happen. And if you’re away from the grid for a prolonged period of time, you’re gonna want to do something about getting those gadgets charged up. The PowerPot is a special cooking pot that contains thermoelectric materials. This means that it will generate electricity as you’re heating up your dinner. There are two versions, which generate 5W and 10W of energy.

The Regulator Cord on both models has a high-temperature connector which plugs into the backside of the PowerPot, and three feet of flame-resistant cabling leading to the USB plug. This makes the PowerPot usable on open wood fires in addition to stoves

The basic PowerPot V, which contains 1.4 litres of liquid and generates 5W starts out at $125 while the larger 1.9 litre PowerPot X generates 10W and goes for $200. They’re currently projects on Kickstarter and if they reach their goal, they should ship in June.

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