Power Snorkel

Power Snorkel

Powerdive Power Snorkel (Images courtesy Powerdive)
By Andrew Liszewski

While scuba diving means you don’t have to loiter near the water’s surface in order to breathe like with snorkeling, it also requires you to wear a substantial amount of gear, including an air tank, which can be cumbersome. So the Power Snorkel serves as a compromise between the two underwater activities. It’s basically a floating air pump that not only frees you from having to wear a tank, but also allows you to stay under longer than when snorkeling.

A 20 foot hose leads from the Power Snorkel’s floating air tank to a Y-divider below, which then splits off into 2 additional 20 foot hoses ending in regulators, allowing 2 people to buddy dive while still enjoying some measure of freedom to explore where they want. On a single charge the Power Snorkel allows for dives about 50 to 70 minutes long, and a flag sticking out of the top makes it easy to spot where the divers are if the pump has drifted away from its original location. It does however run $2,495 making it a little expensive for a weekend at the cottage, but ideal for tropical resorts.

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  1. I like this snorkeling gear. But..I don’t see how it’s going to be used. For a $2495 and a full 50 to 70 minute dive, I think the price is still expensive. I hope the makers trim down the price because this really looks good and ideal for two snorkeling people. If the price is still that high, I’d rather use no snorkeling gear at all.

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