Power Razor Lets You Cut Yourself In The Dark

Power Razor Lets You Cut Yourself In The Dark

By Luke Anderson

When I get up in the morning (though I try to push it to afternoon as often as I can) the last thing I want to do is turn on a light. I’ll try to get through as much of my morning routine as I can while turning on the least possible amount of lights. However, there are a few tasks that I won’t do in the dark, and one of them is shaving.

If you have no problem sliding a few pieces of extremely sharp metal across your face with only a tiny light to guide you, then you’ll love the Power Razor. It features a small LED light that will illuminate enough of your skin to shave. Apparently it has benefits when used under normal lighting conditions, as it allows you to see missed hairs under your chin and along your jawline. That’s cool and all, but with the $150 price tag, I think I’ll pass.

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