Potpourri Basket GSM Bug Smells Good, Listens Better

Potpourri GSM BugBy Evan Ackerman

If you feel like spying on someone in a festive and fragrant manner, consider getting a GSM listening device hidden in a basket of potpourri. Send it to one of your enemies along with a deceptively cheery card, and then call the bug from anywhere in the world (a SIM card is included) and you’ll be able to hear whatever is going on around the basket for up to two weeks.

To be honest, whenever someone has given me a stinky bag of dead plants, I’ve said something along the lines of “thank you, this is absolutely wonderful!” and then thrown it out as soon as they were gone. I mean, putting a bug in potpourri strikes me as being like trying to feed your kids vitamins by mixing them in with lima beans. It doesn’t help that the GSM bug is about $275, but at least the potpourri and basket are included.

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