Potechi Hand Grabs Your Chips, Leaves Your Fingers Clean

Potechi Hand Grabs Your Chips, Leaves Your Fingers Clean

By Chris Scott Barr

I hate sitting down at other people’s computers, because some keyboards are simply disgusting. Now it’s not the keyboards themselves that are gross, it’s the greasy keys and crumbs that inhabit the devices that get me. Sure, I eat at my desk, but I do it away from my keyboard and wipe my hands before typing again. Well if you’re one of those people that gets the munchies during 12-hour games of WoW, the engineers at Takara Tomy have a new gadget aimed at you.

The Potechi Hand is a rather simple-looking device that grabs chips for you. When I say “for you” I mean that you have to pick it up, then press a button that makes it grab hold of the greasy snack. This is designed to keep your fingers free of grease while at your PC. What’s amusing is that Takara Tomy looks to have actually put a good bit of thought behind this simple device.

The chip-grabbing device employs three unique features dubbed “No Broken Clutch System,” “No Touch Table System” and “Finger Easy Cleaning System.” The first is a pressure-sensitive clutch that ensures your chip is held with a grip that is strong enough to keep it in place, but gentle enough that it won’t break apart. The second is simply the fact that the “fingers” do not touch the table when the device isn’t in use. The last one is actually a cleaning mode that rubs the two “fingers” together in a circular motion which cleans the excess crumbs off.

Sure, it’s a silly little gadget that reminds me greatly of a claw toy that I picked up at the zoo as a child. But you have to admit that they did put a bit of thought into this $8 toy.

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