POSTCN01 Alerts You To New Mail – But The Real Kind

POSTCN01 (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Think of the POSTCN01 as a hardware version of Google’s Gmail notifier app. But instead of letting you know when there’s a new email in your Gmail account to check, it lets you know when someone has left an actual letter in your mailbox. A sensor attached to the mailbox counts the number of times the door has been opened, and an LCD display located inside your home keeps you appraised of the possible number of letters or packages that have been delivered. At around $55 (?4,980) it’s not terribly expensive, but I can only see it appealing to those with a long walk to their mailbox, or the super lazy.

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  1. Wires, LED counters, and an antenna on a mailbox? Don't be surprised to come home and find the bomb squad detonating your mailbox for safety…

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