Possibly The Geekiest Way To Have A Beer

Possibly The Geekiest Way To Have A Beer

By Jonathan Kimak

We’ve seen beer gadgets before. But beer cannons that can shoot a beer into your hand from across the room will look like the stuff of amateurs when compared to this. A beer pouring machine made of Lego blocks. And what’s more is that the device is controlled by an iPhone. A message is sent to the iPhone and the machine pours you a brew.

There are already robot bartenders that can do the job faster and pour a nicer beer, but this device appeals to the geek-heart within me. And if we’re lucky maybe a DIY set of instructions will come out so that others can have a geek-brew.

See the video of the LEGO beer pouring gadget after the jump.

VIA [ Crunch Gear ]

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