Poseidon Is A Rugged And Waterproof Portable Charger And Light


If you’re the kind of guy that sets out in rough environments on a regular basis, you’ve probably spent some time purchasing gear that can withstand the sort of environmental stresses that go with your activities. Some of that gear may need charging from time to time, and now with the Poseidon Portable Charger and Light, you can bring extra electricity that won’t stop flowing even if you throw the device underwater, drop it from a tree, toss it in sand or dust, kick it or otherwise subject it to abuse. Measuring 5.74″ high, 3.19″ wide and just .51″ thick, the Poseidon charger packs 8,000 mAh of power in a casing that’s rated at IP68, the highest Ingress Protection (IP) standard possible. This means you can submerge it for up to 45 minutes in as much as 4 feet of water, and it’ll still do its job once you pull it out. Heck, it even seems to survive a shotgun blast from 35 feet away. It’s an $89 pledge with shipping in July.

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