Portal Panties

Portal Undies and Knee-High Socks Physically Get You in the Game

Portal Socks

What better way to play Portal than to deck yourself out in themed garb? Obviously, you don’t need to, but I think it’s a little funner that way. The love that some people have for their favorite games inspires them to come up with designs revolving around the themes of the game, like these knee-high Portal 2 socks and undies.

You won’t survive any long falls even if you’ve got these socks on, but at least you’ll good in the process.

Portal Panties

To be honest, I’m more privy to these Portal undies. It’s design obviously came from the Companion Cube that you can use to solve puzzles in the game. And while it won’t really help you solve any puzzles in real life, it’s still pretty cute all the same.

The socks retail for $11.99 while the undies are priced at $12.99.

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