Portable Heat Stroke Meter Replaces Common Sense

heatstrokemeter-1By David Ponce

We’re pretty sure that when we feel our skin start to sizzle and our heads become lighter from the humidity and ambient heat, that would be a pretty clear indication to get out of the sun. Still, if your very own biological sensors have disconnected from your brain, perhaps this item can give you a little guidance. Straight from (where else?) Japan, the Portable Heat Stroke meter keeps track of heat and humidity and will start beeping and blinking with varying degrees of alarm, as dictated by the Japan Weather Association. When not alerting you to imminent organic systems failure, it will also display both variables for you to entertain yourself with the information.

It’s ¥1,050, or about $11 and the site can take pre-orders until August 25 with shipping soon thereafter. We think. The page is in Japanese, so you can try to figure that out for yourselves.

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