Porsche Design Takes A Stab At The Swiss Army Knife

Porsche Design Swiss Army Knives (Images courtesy Sports Authority & Dick's Sporting Goods)
By Andrew Liszewski

Porsche Design has managed to get their hands into everything from sleds, to radios to toasters, but they’re clearly not going to be satisfied until there’s a Porsche version of every single sellable product on the planet. So next up to get the Porsche Design makeover is the swiss army knife. The company has teamed with Wenger to produce a collection of 4 different knives including the P´3711 ‘N size’ and the P´3712 ‘S size’ Executive which are both pictured above.

While the naming convention leaves something to be desired, the contoured handles and “silky finished ruthenium” casing at least makes the knives look like they could open a letter or file a nail in 2.3 seconds flat. Pricing varies depending on which version you get, and the different versions vary in terms of the on-board toolset. The Executive model pictured on the right runs $139.99 while the larger model on the left runs $159.99. The most expensive version is the P´3714 ‘N size’ Cigar Cutter (not pictured) and it runs $240.00.

[ Wenger Porsche Design Swiss Army Knives ] VIA [ Toolmonger ]

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