Popdrive – USB Flash Drive + Bottle Opener

Popdrive (Image courtesy SkyMall)
By Andrew Liszewski

Remember on The Simpsons when Homer was watching that “I Can’t Believe They Invented It!” home shopping show? That’s where I’d expect something like this to be sold, right after the Spiffy Jr. Tombstone Cleaner. (Quoth the raven, “What a shine!”)

For the extremely niche market of people who wish their flash drives could open bottles comes this thing, also known as the Popdrive. It’s quite simply a 1GB flash drive that’s built into a keychain bottle opener. In fact it even lacks any kind of unique or original design that might make it appear like something other than a cheap tradeshow giveaway.

But even though the Popdrive looks cheap it will actually set you back $29.99 from SkyMall.

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