Poo-pourri Traps Crappy Smells in the Bathroom


Consider yourself lucky and somewhat extraordinary if you don’t stink up the entire bathroom after you do a number two. Poop is poop, and it’s going to stink, regardless of whose bottom it came out of.

Coming to the rescue is Poo-pourri, a spray that promises to neutralize the odors that might linger around your bowl, even after you’ve flushed. It’s not like most other sprays which try to cover up the smell with a stronger fragrance. Rather, it stops the smells from escaping the bowl in the first place.

All you have to do is spritz Poo-pourri into the bowl before taking a dump. The natural essentail oils in the formulation will create a barrier on the surface of the water that stops the stink from escaping. This way, you can leave the bathroom right after without having to worry about leaving a stink behind.

Poo-pourri is available in 8oz spray bottles for $24.95.

Thanks, Kyle!

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1 thought on “Poo-pourri Traps Crappy Smells in the Bathroom”

  1. “Just a Drop” is another solution (recommended by Dr. Oz and “The Doctors” show).
    Personally I just buy eucalyptus oil extract and put 3 drops before going #2, just need an oil really
    but eucalyptus is the best to cover any odor strengths (guests, etc..).

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