Polymer Vision CEO Claims Readius Will Be Ready For Fall 2008 Launch

Polymer Vision Readius (Images courtesy Polymer Vision)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve been dragging my feet on the whole e-reader thing since I haven’t quite found the perfect device for my needs just yet, and at the moment there are only a handful of readers on the market to choose from. Thankfully more are on the way, including the Readius which quite frankly I thought would never actually see the light of day. The device features the first foldable 5-inch electronic paper display that’s also capable of producing 16 levels of gray. The foldable design makes it a lot easier to carry in your pocket and also serves to protect the display when not in use. Polymer Vision, the company responsible for the Readius, recently launched a corporate blog and the first post by CEO Karl McGoldrick claims their e-reader will launch in Autumn of this year.

Our exclusive rollable display technology is the core around which we build our plans, and in the Autumn of this year we will launch Readius, the first pocket eReader. Readius offers the advantages of eReaders as known today – but now all neatly wrapped into a pocket sized device.

Readius is very much a data centered mobile product, designed around eBooks, eNews, RSS feeds, and receiving email messages. It is optimised for mobility by allowing instant access to hundreds of books from your pocket, while the integrated 3.5G data connection ensures high speed downloads of pre-ordered content and instant news updates on the go.

They also announced the launch of www.readius.com which will serve as a portal for the Readius where users can select and manage content whether it be free or subscription based. Unfortunately though specific pricing information for content or the reader itself still hasn’t been announced.

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