Polaroid Releases Z340 Instant Digital Camera

By David Ponce

Polaroid pictures have become somewhat of a relic, a nice reminder of simpler times when cameras had films and being able to hold your shot instantly was the pinnacle of technology. And while film has gone the way of the dodo, being able to hold on to a printed piece of paper immediately after taking a picture still can have some value. At least for those of us old enough to appreciate that value. Polaroid’s gone ahead and made the Z340 in the hopes you’ll agree. Combining ink free printing technology ZINK, the Z340 looks a lot like Lady Gaga’s yet-to-be-released GL30 but is available right now. 14 megapixels, it’s able to print 25 4″ X 3″ pictures in one battery charge.

It’s not the first time Polaroid tries its hand at this; let’s remember the Polaroid PoGo. The Z340 looks more like the cameras of old and the pictures it prints are somewhat bigger than the PoGo. For $300, you too can re-live a digitally remastered remake of your youth.

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