Polaroid Brings Back The Instant Camera


By Chris Scott Barr

Most of you probably still remember what a Polaroid camera was, but I suspect that many of today’s tweens and even teens probably don’t. With the rise of the digital camera, Polaroids quickly faded into nonexistence. Strangely enough there actually hasn’t been anything that really takes its place, at least when producing near-instant pictures from the camera itself. Sure, you can buy a portable printer for peanuts these days, but it still isn’t quite the same. Well guess what folks, the Polaroid instant camera  is back, and updated for the digital age.

It seems only fitting that Polaroid be the company that rolls out a digital camera that can print instant pictures. The new Polaroid PoGo combines the best of the new and old. On one hand, it’s a regular digital camera with all of the usual benefits like an LCD screen and the ability to perform quick edits. Once you’re happy with the shot, just press a button and in 40 seconds you have yourself a 2”x3” picture to hand off to someone. The special paper is called Zink (short for Zero Ink) and is touted as “smudge-proof, water-resistant, fade-resistant and tear-proof.” You can pick up the camera for around $200, while the Zink paper can be bought in packs of 30 for $13.

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  1. I checked and they’re still selling these…unfortunately still at $200, which just seems like way too much for this day and age. Still, it’s a cool idea and if it dropped under $100 might not be a bad conversation starter.

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