Point and Click, Point and Shoot with the Camera Mouse

Camera Mouse

What’s one thing that you constantly take with you when you’ve got your laptop? Unless you’ve mastered scrolling and maneuvering through documents, spreadsheets, and canvases on image-editing software with just your touchpad, then your answer to that question would be your mouse.

When you’re in front of your computer and on a roll and happen to see something worthwhile that you want to take a picture of, would you actually stand up and walk across the room to grab your camera or smartphone to take a shot? If you answered no, then you’ll find this Camera Mouse worth having.

Camera Mouse1


As the name implies, it’s a camera and a mouse. Hold it up and you’ll see that it has a 2-megapixel shooter crammed at the bottom of the device. Whether you need to scan a QR code, copy some documents, or take a picture of a prototype (or even a selfie), the Camera Mouse has got you covered.

When you’re done taking shots, you can simply hook the mouse to your computer to transfer the image files. Quick and easy. The Camera Mouse retails for $60.

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