Pogo Alert GPS Device Warns You Of Speed Traps

pogo alert

By David Ponce

If you’ve got a lead foot and a light wallet, you’re going to want to do all you can to avoid speeding tickets. Hell, even if you’ve got a fat wallet, a speeding ticket just sucks. But if you live in Europe, you’re in luck. The Pogo Alert is a GPS enabled device that also stores the location of thousands of known speed traps across Europe in its memory. If you’re speeding (and only if) and approaching a speed trap, audible and visual alerts including speed trap type, speed limit and proximity to hazard will be triggered, saving you the ticket. Also, there’s the option of attaching a modular infrared laser detector, for detecting mobile laser based speed traps and safety camera vans. It’s modular so you can detach it in areas where it is illegal to own such a device.

The device comes with more features than you can shake a burning stick at, and we’ve listed the all after the jump. Out here you get to find out that the unit is small (40mm x 60mm x 50mm) and somewhat expensive: £250.

Pogo Alert Hardware Features

* 1.8” TFT colour LCD screen
* On–Board laser detector (removable)
* Dashboard and windscreen mounting kits
* Fully portable, plug and play design

Pogo Alert Key Features

* Alerts for ALL types of fixed traps – Gatso, Truvelo, SPECS, DS2
* Alerts for accident blackspots/Congestion Charging Cameras (time sensitive)
* Schools (time sensitive) (alerts may be switched off by user
* Alerts for user defined, personal locations
* Personal over speed warnings
* Driver Information System – displays distance covered, journey time and average speed
* State-of-the-art 12 channel GPS receiver incorporated
* Satellite searching status bar graph with mutable audio
* GPS position display to assist breakdown services, etc
* Unit settings summary on start up
* Viewable unit subscription status
* Powered by cigarette lighter
* Directional feature – provides warnings only for speed traps positioned to catch
Drivers travelling in the direction of the user
* Limitator feature – full warning sounded only if the user is exceeding the prevailing speed limit
* M/way feature – sounds warnings only for speed traps which are sited on the motorway network
Warnings start either set distance from trap OR set time (factory settings 500m OR 15″)
M/way warnings may start further away than normal warnings (factory settings 700m OR 20″)
* Full user interface
* LCD backlight brightness multi-adjustable
* Backlit LCD screen displays:
* Direction of vehicle travel
* Vehicle speed
* Clock
* LCD screen displays when in range of speed trap:
* Type of speed trap (symbol)
* Vehicle speed
* Speed limit
* Road number
* Countdown (metres or seconds) to speed trap
* Progress bar to speed trap
* LCD screen – programmable for backlight to become brighter when in range of speed trap.
* Screen also used to display user-programming options
* Audible speed trap alerts – “beep” and voice
* Individual volume settings for different warning types
* Auto mute setting with adjustable “muted” volume
* Voice warning of camera type/speed limit when in vicinity of speed trap
* LED speed trap warning/status lightsSpeed trap proximity warning user definable – from 200m to 2000m OR from 5-30 seconds
* Software supplied for Internet locations updates
* Future software improvements downloadable via Internet
* Auto power-off

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  1. There are many GPS receivers on the market that offer this functionality, the best one I’ve found is by a company called Adapt. They have a speedcam buster which sadly isn’t avaliable in the UK yet but retails for about 150 euro’s in Europe!

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