Poco Pro Credit Card Sized 1080P/14MP Digital Camera – Boy This Iain Sinclair Really Likes Things Thin

Poco Pro (Images courtesy Iain Sinclair)
By Andrew Liszewski

It was just yesterday we brought you the CardSharp pocket knife which folded up into a credit card-sized package that was easy to stash in your wallet. But it looks like Iain Sinclair’s design shop has turned its shrink ray on more than just knives. Their Poco Pro digital camera also shares the same dimensions as a credit card, though a bit thicker, but manages to cram a host of impressive digicam features into its thin body.

It’s got a 14MP sensor that’s also able to capture 1080P video, I’m assuming at 30fps, to a microSD card up to 32GB in size. And in lieu of an optical viewfinder you’ll have to rely on its 2.4″ AMOLED display which features touch screen controls around the bezel. You also get auto focus, super macro capabilities, image stabilization, face recognition and limited DSLR-like manual controls like a mechanical shutter and continuously variable aperture. It even manages to squeeze in a set of mics with noise cancellation, a speaker and a 3.5mm headphone jack. All in a package that weighs just 65 grams thanks to a magnesium housing. Like the CardSharp though the Poco Pro won’t be available until next year, June to be specific, for north of $300 (£200) though you’re welcome to reserve one now for ~$150 (£100).

[ Iain Sinclair Poco Pro ] VIA [ The Gadgeteer ]