Pocketbands Help You Carry Your Keys While Out And About


It’s not always easy to find a place for your keys when out for a run. Some hide their keys. Some tie them to their shoelaces, and some will inevitably lose them. But now you can eliminate that problem with the new Kickstarter campaign, Pocketbands 2.0, the wristband with a hidden pocket.

Pocketbands’ slim new 2.0 design offers a quick and stylish solution for stashing your keys, cash, and other small items. Made from a stretchy, 100% surgical-grade silicone that’s comfortable to wear, Pocketbands also are the ideal wristband for the Fitbit One activity tracker.

The Kickstarter campaign is currently live and raising funds to get these new bands out to the world. They’re being touted as great for running, surfing, biking, skating, swimming and other sports or activities when you don’t want to carry things in your pockets.

Pocketbands are available in 4 sizes and come in a variety of cool colors. Pledges start at $10 for one Pocketband, or you can spring for a 3-pack with a pledge of $20.


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