Pocket USB TV Tuner

By Bruce Eaton

Fitting in the palm of your hand, at 25grams and only 83x27x14mm, you can watch TV anywhere you want with the V-Gear MobiTV Global. Unlike many other TV options for your computer, such as a tuner card or even a USB dongle for laptops, this USB key sized device not only tunes in television but it can tune-in pretty much anywhere in the world, with its TV/VHF/UHF/CATV NTSC/PAL capabilities. The MobiTV is also set up to for video recording in MPEG2 so you won’t miss your favorite shows even away. With what looks like very simple to use software and a remote to boot, I am pretty sold.

Coming in at 9800yen or around $100, it is very nice to be able to carry your tuner card in your pocket, knowing that if you are in Japan or Europe you can watch TV without breaking your bank to do so. As for SECAM, it doesn’t support it but really, who cares?

[Pocket USB TV Tuner] VIA [Akihabara News]

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  3. please can you let me know where can i buy the V-Gear Mobitv USB TV Tuner also let me know if i can use it to see on my computer live tv from Italy thank you Michele

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