PMPEvent’s Viliv P1

By David Ponce

We talked about this sexy beast a while ago. Back then, we didn’t even know the name, let alone whether it was even real. Well, it turns out, it might have been after all, and it’s monicker is the Viliv P1.

To recap: it looks so good, I’d mortgage my soul to get one. Also: 20GB HDD, CF slot, 4-inch widescreen, user-replaceable battery, touch-wheel navigation. Added: good looks galore.

Okay, okay, this is all flake. Go inside and you’ll get a nice list of all the nice features it’s supposed to have. Just so you know, it even has GPS… for whatever reason.

Weighs 250g
USB 2.0
HDD: 20GB (30GB scheduled as well)
Lithium Polymer, 3.7V, 4 hour recharge time, 2700~3000mAh
7hours worth of playback time at QVGA,30fps
13 hours worth of music playback per charge (LCD off, 128kbps MP3)
SMI, SRT caption support
Supports DivX All version, Xvid, MPEG1/2/4, SWF, ASF, WMV
LCD 4? wide diagonally
Resolution of screen: 480X272
Support 16.7M(24bit) worth of colors
Max 30 frames per second
Max bitrate: 8Mbps (720×480, 30fps)
Also supports MPEG1 L2, MPEG2, MP3, WMA, OGG (Q10 and lower), AC3, AAC
Max output: 40mW (20mW + 20mW)
Voice recorder, line-in encoder
FM tuner
TV-out: NTSC / PAL, CVBS / S-Video
Picture viewer: JPEG, BMP, PNG supported
TXT viewer
CF Slot

You didn’t think there was a price yet, though… did you?

The website is here. Story VIA DAPreview.

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