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Plush Radio Perfect For Kids Who Probably Never Listen To The Radio

Plush Radio Cushion (Image courtesy eToys)
By Andrew Liszewski

I like the idea of plush electronics for younger kids, cause let's face it, they don't exactly take care of their stuff. And given the choice, I'd rather have a plush radio hurled across the room, instead of a real one. But I have my doubts that today's kid are even aware of FM radio, let alone listen to it.

In fact the only time I listen to the radio these days is when it wakes me up in the morning, and I was raised on it. But if your toddler gets cranky if they haven't had a chance to listen to their morning talk shows, I suppose this is a good way to go. It has soft buttons for volume, power and a digital scanner and of course includes a built-in speaker. And even though it looks gigantic in that product shot, it's actually only about 12 inches wide.

eToys has got it for just $14.99.

[ Plush Radio Cushion ] VIA [ 7Gadgets ]

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