Plug ‘n Play Atari Keychains

Atari Plug 'n Play Keychains (Image courtesy FredFlare)By Andrew Liszewski

Passing these miniature joysticks off as keychains I think is a bit of a stretch. While they’re definitely smaller than the original versions I can’t see them fitting into anyone’s pockets along with a set of keys.

Regardless that doesn’t make me want them any less. Each version uses 3 AAA batteries and comes with a 6 foot RCA cable that will plug into most TVs. The Pong paddle includes the games Breakout and Warlords, the Asteroids joystick comes with Millipede and the Centipede joystick also comes with Yar’s Revenge.

The Atari Plug ‘n Play keychains are available from for $15 each.

[Atari Plug ‘n Play Keychains] VIA [Uber-Review]

7 thoughts on “Plug ‘n Play Atari Keychains”

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  2. Not to nitpick, but the games on the 2600 were not 8-bit.

    This is kind of cool, but who is going to carry around the cord and these things, and use them as keychains?!?!

    I’m still waiting for the Atari Flashback that has EVERY Atari 2600 VCS game on it, from every manufacturer of the era.

    I know it will never happen, but it would be nifty if it did.

  3. The Atari 2600 did indeed have an 8 bit processor – it ran at a paltry 1.19 MHz, but the MOS Technology 6507 was 8 bit nonetheless.

    Strangely enough, the Intellivision had a 16 bit CPU that ran even slower…894.886 kHz!

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