Plaza Ventless, Portable Fireplaces

By Maximillian Hill

For those of you who want a fireplace but don’t have a chimney, Sieger Design’s Plaza Ventless is for you. It’s a freestanding unit that burns a special gel that produces non-toxic flames.

The intensity of the red and yellow flames can be infinitely adjusted with the addition of the optional regulator burning box which allows several tins of gel to be combined into a single tray of fuel. positioned on a floorpiece that provides a comfortable spacer and allows for greater heating radius, plaza instantly creates a warm, engaging atmosphere. dim: 39.3″ h x 23.6″ w x 7.9″ d; 17.7″ base width.

The price is $3200 but it is well worth it for the ability to plop a fireplace in an apartment. Grab yours up from Unicahome. Story VIA Productdose.