Playing With Your Food Just Got A Lot More Fun

Playing With Your Food Just Got A Lot More Fun

By Luke Anderson

When you were a kid, I bet that at some point your parents uttered the phrase “don’t play with your food.” Of course now that you’re a grown adult, you can play with your food all you want. Of course you’ll want to do it in a more productive manner than just building a castle out of mashed potatoes and everything else on your plate. That’s why someone invented the Writing Spoon.

This interesting utensil combines your average spoon with a ballpoint pen. This allows you to dip your spoon in coffee or any other liquid and write out notes or drawings. If you’re one of those people that is constantly scribbling on napkins, you might pick one up for just $31. Granted it likely won’t be as legible as a pen, but it’ll be a lot more fun to use.

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3 thoughts on “Playing With Your Food Just Got A Lot More Fun”

  1. I would love to bust that out on someone at a restaurant, but then it would mean I’d have to carry my own spoon around with me…waiting for the perfect moment. What do you think would be the best beverage or liquid to use with it? My money would be on something like Koolaid, alas you don’t find that in too many restaurants these days.

  2. Actually, the spoon functions like a good old-fashioned fountain or dip pen (ballpoints invariably contain their own ink supply). Still, fun!– would marinara sauce be too think, I wonder? (The local Italian restaurant provides paper tableclothes and crayons.)

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