Play With Your Food, Constructively

By Evan Ackerman

Lego Fruit SnacksLegos, the coolest thing to come out of Denmark since Niels Bohr (and only briefly eclipsed by Aqua), are now even more enjoyable: you can eat them. I’m sure many of you used to eat Legos by the handful back when you used to eat everything you could get your grubby little mitts on, and I can’t say whether you’ll enjoy eating them more or less now that they’re fruity and full of vitamin C, but at least they’ll be easier to digest.

Kellogg’s is offering them in a combination of grape, cherry, and (one of my favorite flavors) graperry. Although the box shows lots of other colors, other flavors aren’t mentioned, and it looks like you only get cubes. C’mon, Kellogg’s, you’re stifling my creativity!

And yes, in case you were worried, these fruit snacks do include hydrogenated coconut oil. Look for them in packs of 10 at a grocery store near you.

[Kellogg’s Lego Fruit Flavored Snacks] VIA [Trendhunter]