PlasmaRiser Probably Works With LCDs Too

PlasmaRiser (Image courtesy DSD Designs)By Andrew Liszewski

You just dropped a bundle on that new Plasma or LCD TV so why limit its use to only the living room? The PlasmaRiser provides a safe and easy way to transport your new TV all over the house allowing you to enjoy it everywhere from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Besides the 4 industrial style locking wheels that allow your TV to be easily rolled (as opposed to carried) the PlasmaRiser is also capable of raising or lowering your TV into its protective shell. That way during transport you don’t have to be worried about something damaging the delicate screen. And once you’ve got the PlasmaRiser repositioned just plug the unit in and at the push of a button your TV rises back up again. There’s even an impressive selection of optional extras including an infra-red remote or even voice control, internal flat screen speakers, LED illumination and a weatherproof transportation cover.

The PlasmaRiser is available in either a black or white lacquered finish (or in a custom order corporate color scheme) for about $2,500.

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