Plantraco Carbon Butterfly RC Plane

Plantacro Carbon Butterfly (Image courtesy Plantacro Hobbies)
By Andrew Liszewski

Though it may look about ten-times as fragile as an actual butterfly the Plantraco Carbon Butterfly is nearly indestructible. Since the frame and wings of this tiny RC plane are made from actual carbon fiber they’re extremely flexible yet very strong allowing the craft to survive even the harshest of crashes.

The plane and four-channel fully proportional controller all come packed in a convenient aluminum briefcase too which makes travelling with it very easy. And while the Carbon Butterfly is probably best suited for flying inside if the weather is nice enough it can be flown outside with a range of 400 feet.

At $299.99 the Carbon Butterfly isn’t cheap but considering you can fly it indoors all year round no matter what the weather outside is makes it very tempting. For those interested Plantraco is currently taking pre-orders though I have no idea when the Butterfly will actually be shipping.

[Plantraco Carbon Butterfly] VIA [Cool Hunting]