Pizza Hut Launches Cheeseburger-Stuffed Crust Pizza


Remember earlier this year when we wrote about Pizza Hut Japan’s hot dog crusted shrimp tempura pizza with mayonnaise? Yeah, that was a pretty epic offering by the chain, but now we’re intrigued by what they’re doing over in the UK. The Cheeseburger-Stuffed Crust Pizza features soft crust pockets filled with a tiny beef patty and covered in mozzarella. You also get a ketchup dip and can cover the cheeseburger crust with other toppings. It’s elegant and satisfying… heck, it’s almost poetic. We’re sad that it’s UK only and confused as to why it is that the US hasn’t trumped all of them. Seems to us they should be leading the way of Frankenstein-pizza making, not looking longingly from afar.

[ Foodbeast ] VIA [ ThatsNerdALicious ]