Pixel Table Can Be Anything You Want It To Be

By David Ponce

Well it can’t really be an exotic dancer, but that’s not what we mean. The Pixel Table is just a bunch of wooden sticks arranged into a tidy cube. And you just move the sticks around to fit your needs. Want a surface? Pull some sticks out and there it is. Want to put something away? Push some more sticks and there’s your drawer. It’s simply ingenious and if you look at it with the right kind of eye (read: the possibly artistically pretentious eye), it looks fantastic.

We’re assuming the outer edge is glued to hold everything together and the sticks within are somehow prevented from being pushed all the way out. There is sadly no word on price or availability, although it looks like an easy enough project to make in shop class…

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Geekosystem ]