Pix & Stix (Image courtesy Pixandstix.com)

Pix & Stix Designed To Make Garage Band On Your iPad Feel A Little More Real

Pix & Stix (Image courtesy Pixandstix.com)
By Andrew Liszewski

Because of the way the touch sensitivity on the iPad’s screen works, you can’t just thrash away on Garage Band’s drums with a regular set of sticks and expect it to work. And the fact that it’s made of glass is probably something to take into consideration too. So a Melbourne, Australia based company has created a special set of drumsticks with electroconducive rubber tips that can not only be detected by the iPad’s display, but also prevent it from being shattered. Two very important features.

And while they were creating the ‘Stix’ they also went ahead and created the ‘Pix’ which is of course a special guitar pick that features the same electroconducive rubber tip allowing you to strum away on-screen. Both are available right now for $14.95 Australian dollars which works out to about $16 US. However, it’s another one of those products where they have to reach a certain level of funding commitment before it goes into production. If the funding goal isn’t reached, full refunds will be given and the Pix & Stix will forever remain just a novel idea.

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