Pirate Toast

By Evan Ackerman

Pirate Toaster

Yarrr, will you be havin’ marmalade on that, matey? Alright, so you may have seen right through my pirate impersonation, but you can do better once you get yourself this pirate toaster. From Germany, $45 gets you this “noble black” toaster which will burn the Jolly Rodger into any hapless piece of bread you stuff into its maw. As if that wasn’t enough, the toaster also has a random Guns ‘N Roses reference on the side. I guess maybe because Appetite For Destruction has some skulls on the cover, or something?

I don’t actually speak German (making it hard to understand the website), but according to a friend of mine who actually used to be a German pirate, “the outcome of this toast event is not to be underrated!” You got that right.

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